The Skinny

Alright! My second Half-Life custom, this time of Adrian Shephard, one of the ubiquitous grunts sent into Black Mesa to kill you during the events of Half-Life. Once again using G.I. Joe Sigma Six parts, this figure is almost entirely made from an Arctic Duke, except for the forearms which came from a Jet Wing Duke. The GPS unit on his chest came from an Adventure Team Storm Shadow and the helmet came from Gung Ho (Major thanks to Father of Liberty from the JoeBattlelines forums for hooking me up with those!). The BDU pants are hand-made, as are the load-bearing vest, gas mask and backpack. The MP5 came from a dollar-store 3-3/4" SWAT team figure. Now, without further ado...

 Read about the entire process from start to finish, here

Or, skip ahead to the final product, here