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The custom remains much the same as before except for two major changes. First, and most obvious, is the new chest piece. Whereas the old one was sculpted out of Craft Porcelain, this new one was made by painting and cutting up the Cobra armor that came with the Sigma 6 Lt. Stone figure. I shaved off the Cobra logo on the left breast and also cut off the bottom third of the segmented armor plate. The rest was just paint. I used Citadel Colour 61-07 Blazing Orange, 61-51 Chaos Black and 61-57 Boltgun Metal. The yellow Lambda was painted using Citadel Colour 61-09 Golden Yellow. I am much happier with the way this new chest piece looks since it more accurately mimics the games where the HEV suit has a high protective collar.

The second change is Gordon's glasses. I replaced the original asymmetric, cheap-looking plastic pair with ones made by bending floral arrangement wire.


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